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      MOHURD Guidelines to Strengthen Implementation & Supervision of Construction Standards

      Source:未知  Time:2014-03-17 23:51
       To strengthen the implementation and supervision of construction standards and to promote comprehensive and effective implementation, Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development has recently issued guidelines to strengthen the implementation and supervision of construction standards.
      With the focus on important areas such as economic structural adjustment, industrial upgrading, energy saving and emission reduction, and protection of people’s livelihood, the guidelines ask all regions to identify the key purpose and task of implementation of standards for local industry. With reference to successful practices such as application of reinforced steel bar and construction of barrier-free environment, we should begin with standards, strengthen the leading role of policies, technical services, supervision and coordination, so as to build a work mechanism with sectors’ cooperation, experts’ support and linkage between lower and upper levels, and to fully realize the piloting, modeling and leading role of key areas for standards implementation.
      We should perfect the mechanism of mandatory standards supervision and inspection. With the focus on mandatory standards, we should formulate annual supervision and inspection plan, carry out special inspection or selective examination, punish acts violating the mandatory standard in accordance with law, and report the results of supervision and inspection in a timely manner. We should establish feedback mechanisms of standards implementation, unblock standards implementation feedback channels, extensively collect opinions and recommendations on the implementation of standards from all parties, including construction related responsible subjects, the regulators and the public, timely classify the information gathered and come up with handling opinions. By following the principle of “who approve, who explain”, we should also improve the explanation and consultation of standards, improve the process of standard explanation and consultation, and standardize the explanation and consultation of approval standards in the local district and industry. We should standardize the record of standards. Standards with mandatory provisions should be handed to Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development for record before the approval being published; standards without mandatory provisions should be recorded within 30 days since the approval be published. The name and file number of the standards recorded should be published to public. We should gradually establish an assessment system for standards implementation, and carry out comprehensive assessment of existing standards in terms of their advancement, scientificity, coordination and practicality.
       (China Construction News)

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