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      Door Expos Foretell High-end & Gorgeous Trend

      Source:未知  Time:2014-03-25 17:56
       Exposition is conventionally the most common business promotion means adopted by enterprise. Industrial trend can be foreseeable by in-depth analysis of expos of every term.

      It’s reported that building material industry had showed a sign of recovery since the end of 2012 and this market has demonstrated its robust momentum since March of 2013.National building material industry has entered into a state of “high temperature” like current weather, seen from a series of expos such as Beijing Door Expo and Guangzhou Comprehensive Building Material Expo in March, Shanghai Kitchen & Sanitary Product Expo in May, Guangzhou Building Material Expo in July, and Shenyang Furniture Expo in August.

      In the aftermath of door expo held in Guangzhou in March of 2014, some experts in this industry say that the packaged and whole-wood furniture displayed by door manufacturers reflects a weakened difference and intensified competition of homogenized products, so there should be more growth potential for those enterprises who make specialized and individualistic products

      We can easily found in door expos held in recent years, that door products made of high-end logs are increasing and gradually become focus. During this expo, new products made of logs have accounted for a substantial percentage. As people’s living standard improves, there must be a market and promising future for eco-protective and durable door products made of logs.

      Furniture made of logs is conventionally regarded as a symbol for wealth and taste. More and more furniture producers are using logs to produce home furniture, and door products made of logs also becomes an active agent on market. However, reporters found that only high-end unique doors of logs can gain competitive advantages in a market flooded with common door products of logs. Among all wooden door products, Winage wooden doors are particularly fabricated with high-quality European red beech, featured by high quality and great durability, thus becoming the focus of door industry.

      It’s known that red beech have been common material for high-end furniture since Ming & Qing Dynasties. After red beech is classified as national class-2 key protected plant and banned for logging, products of red beech are collected as work of art. Winage wooden doors has been outsourcing in overseas market for red beech to meet domestic demand for red beech doors and owned a red beech supply base in Europe, the largest in Asia-Pacific Region, which created the ultimate advantages for Winage to produce classic high-quality wooden doors. According to experts in this industry, Winage specializes in production of high-end European beech door products, breathing new fresh air into the homogenized wooden door market and ushering wooden door industry toward a high-end and individualistic trend.

      In addition, during expo held in March, 2014, packaged furniture also had presence, but it attracted few dealers. According to analyst, whole-piece furniture concept really cast a new light in recent years, but many manufacturers have tried in this regard with little reward. Moreover, in the background of new trend for individualistic door products, centralized, standard and large-scale production of whole-piece furniture was no longer advantages for enterprises; instead, it constrains enterprises’ adaptability to market. Match of styles gradually becomes a fashion, product differentiation weakens and competition becomes fiercer, implying that whole-piece wooden furniture doesn’t meet market’s requirement for individuality of furniture.

      By contrast, Winage adopts a specialized wooden door production pattern and seems to be more popular. According to Mr. Liang, Director of Winage, as wooden door market becomes more common and homogenized, market competition also becomes more fervent. Winage understands that enterprise can take a stronghold in market by specialization. Therefore, Winage put big money in research and development of wooden doors made of European beech, rare on market, and now the investment pays off.

      In other words, industrial expos serve as a checkpoint for furniture manufacturers and dealers to get to know industrial trend and formulate their promotion direction, and also an annual starting point for furniture industry. Dealers, via expos and exchange, can grasp the key selling point in a long time in future, which functions as a reference for their business. Specialization and individuality of product, as seen from door expos, will be an orientation for enterprise.

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