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      New Eco-friendly Construction Material Industry Soars

      Source:未知  Time:2014-04-02 13:42

      Core Prelude: with galloping development of new urbanization and prosperous housing industry, there must be a rocketing expansion of new construction material market.

      Lasting fog and haze and some new diseases once again triggers people’s concern & contemplation about living environment. However, with galloping development of new urbanization and prosperous housing industry, there must be a rocketing expansion of new construction material market. Based on this presumption, such enterprises as Sinocca Tech, Nancy, Quhe specializing in construction materials closely seize the opportunity, actively leverage on renewable and recyclable materials and seek an energy-saving course, aiming at taking advancement in competition of future construction material market.

      New eco-friendly material industry is rocketing.

      MOHURD (Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC) estimates that new eco-friendly materials will account for 94% of construction material market by the end of 2014. At present, there is call for complete eco-friendliness of all construction materials, so production of eco-protective construction material has become the key element for an enterprise to gain market share. Facing the new circumstance, a number of construction material enterprises are probing the field of eco-friendly construction materials, among which Sinocca Tech is one of the most typical. “After serious deliberation and thorough study, Sinocca Tech put its 15 years’ business to an end and staged a complete transformation. In 2013, we have almost completed infrastructure construction for producing new recyclable eco-friendly panels,” Shang Jun, principal of Sinocca Tech told reporters, “From March 28th on, we will be manufacturing eco-friendly construction materials of “Xindi” Brand.

      There is a market trend calling for excellent performance of new construction materials.

      The new eco-friendly construction panels are featured by light weight, high strength, thermal protection, energy saving and non-pollution. Besides improving functions of houses, the new panels can also render a more modernized atmosphere inside and outside buildings catering people’s aesthetic demand. This trend is typically represented by Nancy color sanitary products, Quhe curvy floor panels and IKEA tiles of all series, including Xindi Products newly introduced to market. According to reporters, “Imagery Furniture” is the key product promoted among “Xindi” Brand, which is fabricated with unique “luminous” imaging technology integrated with its own “superb mirror surface” feature, making the panel represent images and colors by 100%, thus creating fashionable and classic style leading furniture industry.

      Industrialization further enhances environment protection.

      With scarce forest resource, China’s total reserve in wood resource, compared to world average, is less than 3%, its forest coverage per capita was only 1/5, and forest reserve per capita is only 1/8, while China is the 2nd biggest wood consumer in the world and ranks 2nd in consumption of manmade panel, paper pulp, paper, paperboard and lumber. There are conflicts between limited resource and constantly increasing consumption, and between resource consumption and urgency of ecosystem protection, giving rise to a complicated crisis. Under this circumstance, the key for actual environment protection underlies industrialization of eco-friendly construction materials. An industrial analysis points out eco-protection can only be achieved by eco-protective and recyclable construction materials; by application of eco-protective and recyclable technology, material put into use can be recycled constantly, so as to save resource and attain the goal for environment protection.


               From Xi’an Daily

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