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      China Decor 2018 Semi-annual Work Summary and Work Plan Meeting for July were Commenced

      Source:未知  Time:2018-08-02 08:58

      On July 24, the China Decor 2018 Semi-annual Work Summary and Work Plan Meeting for July were commenced in the training room on 2nd floor of the company building. The meeting was attended by senior management and managers, and was hosted by Kang Jie, the Director of the United Office.

      During the meeting, the department heads reported the work of each department in detail and the senior management made comments on the sectors they were responsible for and other relevant work.  The rationalization proposals submitted by all the departments and matters that needed to be decided were also discussed and decided during the meeting.

      Chairman Li Jiefeng made a conclusion speech after the meeting. The company’s operation goal for the first half of the year has been successfully completed as planned, and the profit indicators have reached new heights. The cost has not exceeded the overall budget. Since the domestic and international situation was severe at the moment, the headquarters of China Decor should clarify its operation goal and remain stable in the next half year and achieve growth in stabilization.

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