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      Introduction about Leaders

      • Mr . Xin Jianlin

        General Manager

        National First-class Construction Engineer
        Senior Engineer
        Senior Interior Designer
        Graduated from Designing and Art Specialty of Central Party School
        EMBA Postgraduate of PKU
             China National Decoration Co., Ltd, with the development of decoration industry and advancement of society, has been striding on a glorious course of 30 years. Over these years, all the staffs of China Decoration have worked with great diligence and ambition so that we have trained a team of managers and employees who have the courage to fight and win harsh combats.
             We are confronted with new challenges and opportunities under the new market conditions. Meanwhile, we are gifted with a wider space for development. We shall unite, with exuding passions and unremitting confidence, face new challenges and embrace new hopes under the leadership with Mr. Li at the core.
             Customers are the cornerstone for survival and development of China Decoration. Its our permanent pursuit to create value for customers and maximize the output of customers input of every coin. We will spare no effort to deliver qualified services to each customer, so as to remunerate customers loyalty to us. I would hereby extend my whole-hearted respect and sincere gratitude to our customers.
             Looking forward to the future, we will fully utilize our advantages in terms of existing resources and platform to tide over hardship and make progress with down-to-earth attitude and persistent fighting spirit, as to set up new milestones during the sustainable development & growth of China National Decoration Co., Ltd.


      • Mr . Wu Lie

        Party Committee Secretary

        CCP Member
        Graduated from Civil Engineering Specialty of BUAA
             In the background that the building decoration industry is adjusting and optimizing industrial structures, swift development modes, strengthen supervision and credibility system construction and regulating market order, China Decoration with a history of over 30 years is under the business growth period and reform period characterized by industrial upgrade and structural adjustment. We have decided on the 2nd five-year strategic development plan themed with “Adjusting and promoting traditional business, Creating emerging business areas” and will make great efforts to build up 5 bases, 5 platforms, promote the construction in 5 aspects and initiate N driving forces.
             To fully fulfill the development program, our company will vigorously expand our operation concepts, continuously build up new business areas and professional management teams and attach more important to financial legal risk control management as we reinforce strategy implementation, pragmatically walk on a road of diversified development, enhance the competitive edge of all the industrial chains, internal management and control ability, the motivation of boosting our enterprise with professional talents and brand competitiveness.   
             The development experience of 30 years implies that we can get the initiative and development by taking a path suitable for specific situations of China Decoration and with our own characteristics. We will definitely march on a road of prosperity by having strong self-confidence in our path, system and theory.

      • Mr . Hou Yu

        Standing Deputy Manager

        Graduated from Industrial and Civil Architecture Specialty of BUCEA
             China National Decoration, as a professional decoration engineering company founded earliest in China, has fulfilled great achievement over more than 3 decades with the concerted and constant effort of its staff, with its business covering such fields as design, construction, material supply and production, furniture fabrication and installation, consultancy and management. It has delivered construction works of the state of art with unique design, comprehensive function and elegant appearance to customers in many industries such as finance, energy, hotels, culture and public facilities and science & technology. We are fully aware that generous support and help from our partners of all walks is indispensable to our survival and development. I would like to extend my whole-hearted gratitude.
             People of China Decoration, since the foundation of the company, inherit a merit, that is, the service spirit underlying enterprise management and daily work. We are intrepid under harsh conditions, in an unknown circumstance and in the face of all troubles, but unite to actively carry on our jobs and fulfill our mission with unremitting effort. We try hard to coordinate with owners and trade involved to push our work forward because our ultimate goal is to fulfill tasks entrusted by owner and live up to our promise with our action. If this spirit is further traced and anatomized, it is the good faith we inherited from Chinese traditions, the very inexhaustible source for survival and growth of China Decoration.
             I have been long in management position, and have extensive connections with customers (party A) of different regions and industries. Confronted with their high expectations and rapidly changing demands, we are deeply conscious of our responsibilities even though its a glory for us to be trusted. By fully understanding their demands and expectations, we work in solidarity with owners, resort to our solid techniques and rich experience accumulated over 30 years, reinforce our management and constantly make innovations as to create perfect works for our customers. We have witnessed many excellent projects constructed in concerted effort with owners, all serving as a symbol of mutual trust and double win. 
             Looking forward, theres still a long way with grave missions awaiting us. Facing the continually growing decoration industry and ephemeral leading trends, we wont rest on our erstwhile glory. Instead, we will assiduously improve our capability, and strive to deliver professional service to customers. We expect to march forward hand in hand with our business partners to greet a much more promising future!

      • Mr . Guan Zuowei

        Deputy General Manager & Vice Chief Engineer

        CCP Member
        Senior Engineer
        National Class-A Registered Construction Engineer
        Graduated from Architectural and Engineering Specialty of HEU
        Business Direction: Engineering Management and Technical Management
             We have chosen our flag for building decoration industry by working in China National Decoration Co., Ltd. As occupational managers, we fully understand the importance of thinking comprehensively while paying attention to every detail, and the critical significance of being meticulous. We shall closely follow the development trend of decoration industry, take heed of its industrialization process, with unremitting goals and down-to-earth attitude, exert our effort to promote innovation in terms of cultural construction, production technique and management pattern so as to achieve sustainable development.

      • Ms . Su Li

        Chairman of Labor Union & Chairman of Board of Supervisor

        Senior Accountant
        Graduated from BEIJING OPEN UNIVERSITY
        Business Direction: Risk &Audit Management and Control of Company Operation, Establishing and Perfecting Union Organization
             The enterprise spirit of China National Decoration Co., Ltd. is holding the principles of “Honesty, Pragmatism, Exploration and Sacrifice” Our operation and management policies are: elaborate design, strict and careful construction, creating excellent projects, human-oriented, abiding by laws and regulations, constant improvement, facing Chinese and international market, valuing contract, honoring credibility, providing the best and most satisfactory services for customers in all walks of life. I firmly believe that the development experience and glorious achievements in the over past 30 years will lead the Chinese building industry to innovating constantly and providing all-dimensional services.

      • Ms . Liu Yingfang

        Dean of the Design Institute

        Senior Engineer (Architectural Decoration Design)
        Grade A Senior Lighting Designer 
        Grade A Registered Constructor 
        Senior Engineer (Architectural Decoration)
        British Royal Registered Constructor (CIOB)
        Senior Specialist in China Designing Industry 
        Bachelor Degree of Environmental Art Department from THU Fine Arts Academy 
        EMBA of Master’s and Doctor’s Degree Program from Wimbledon University UK 
        On-job Postgraduate of CAFA Majored in the Art Management Specialty 
        Business Direction: In charge of the related business concerning the company interior designing and planning  
                As an industry leading company, China Decoration is committed to become a more visionary enterprise. It is an enterprise of continuous learning and innovation which is going beyond itself, an enterprise with the relentless pursuit of perfection and excellence, one enterprise providing the state, society, customers, suppliers, partners and employees with maximum value and one enterprise providing customers at home and abroad with the highest quality products. For national rejuvenation, social progress, prosperity in the world and bold pioneering, it goes with unremitting pursuit.
                We will provide you with reliable service with first-class products, first-class quality, first-class service, first-class management and first-class performance. We assume the social responsibility of an enterprise to repay the society from all walks of life. We sincerely hope to establish extensive and friendly cooperative relations with all sectors of society and create a better future together!

      • Mr . Zhu Xiaohui

        General Accountant

        Senior Accountant 
        Financial Management Experience with more than ten years in Decoration Industry  
        Senior Financial Expert in Decoration Industry
        Graduated from Financial Specialty of CUEB    Bachelor’s Degree 
        Business Direction: The overall financial planning,tax planning of the company and the financing control of the external investment and financing.

                China decoration puts "Integrity Management, Integrity Establishment" business philosophy throughout the work and regards it as the first principle of building team behavior.Take the lead to practice the enterprise spirit of "Dedication and Devotion to the Company" and build our team into an excellent team of "Integrity, Dedication, Selflessness and Devotion". In the operation and management of the company, the talent and wisdom of each employee should be brought into full play so as to gather the strength of the team and make the company stronger. In the process of business development, we will be strict with ourselves, leading by example, devoting selflessly not caring about gains and losses but adhering to corporate values. Tomorrow will be more beautiful!

      • Mr . Yi Suchang

        Vice General Manager & Vice Chief Engineer

        CCP Member
        Major in the civil engineering  
        Senior Engineer 
        Grade A Constructor 
        Graduated from architectural engineering specialty of WIU
        Business Direction: Engineering management & Management and control of the bidding and tendering
                 Over 30 years of reform and opening up, it is also the golden era of the rapid development for China's architectural decoration industry. China Decoration Co., Ltd. has gone through 30 years, witnessing every exploration and innovation of China's architectural decoration industry and every change and development. China Decoration always adheres to the enterprise spirit of "Honesty, Practicality, Development and Dedication", strictly puts forward the project quality, innovative design concept, advocates green environmental protection materials, and promotes the construction decoration industry to stride forward the road of sustainable development, scientific development and green development. At the same time, we should practice corporate social responsibility and benefit the whole society, setting up a strong brand image of China's architectural decoration industry to achieve the win-win goal!


      • Mr . Zhang Xiufu

        Vice General Manager

        Mathematics Specialty of Jilin Normal University 
        EMBA from CEIBS 
        Business Direction: The planning, construction and operation of museums.
              Thanks to the support and love from all walks of life, China Decoration Co., Ltd has gone through an extraordinary 30 years of development, which has won the recognition of the industry and the affirmation of the society.
        For more than 30 years, we have been adhering to the development direction of "Satisfying Customers, Making Employees Proud and Making the World Recognize us". According to the industry development plan, we are committed to building a sustainable management model and strive to become a leading modern enterprise in the industry.
              Society is moving forward, and the company cannot develop without the care and support from the main industry department, without the trust and support from customers, partners, employees and shareholders and without the love from all social walks of life. On the basis of being hardheaded, China Decoration Co., Ltd  and people from all social walks of life are in the same boat. To be further, it will progress with the industry partners hand in hand, creating the newer and wider future.



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