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      China National Decoration Co., Ltdpreviously known as China National Decoration Companywas established in 1984 after approval by State Economic Commission, reorganized on May 16th 2003 and registered as China National Decoration Co., Ltd via State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the PRC, a large-sized and high-end decoration enterprise with Grade-A interior & exterior building decoration construction and Class-1 building decoration design qualifications, also a backbone enterprise of diversified, cross-regional & cross-trade operation with building decoration as its core business. It’s comprised of multiple excellent departments and a pool of experts and service talents for building construction, architectural structure, finishing & decoration, professional interior/exterior decoration design, material supply, wooden door/steel window fabrication, equipment deployment and labor management, capable of refined project design, construction, finishing & decoration and alteration of such buildings as hotels of all levels, office building, large cinema/theatre,  TV studio, museum, airport terminal, subway, bank, college, telecommunication, large stadium, shopping center, power station, hospital, military buildings, apartments, villa, courtyard of parks & gardens, embassy and other comprehensive public buildings.

      China National Decoration Co., Ltd possesses the following qualifications: Class-1 qualification for contracting building decoration & finishing project, Class-1 qualification for building decoration design, Class-1 qualification for contracting building curtain wall project, Class-2 qualification for building curtain wall design, Class-3 qualification for building construction general contract, Class-2 qualification for steel structure project contract, Class-2 qualification for M&E equipment installation trade contract & smart building project trade contract. It also possesses a license for safe production, and is applying for qualification for contract of project of special trade. The company has been certified with GB /T19001-2000 quality management system, GB/T24001-2004 environment management system and GB/T28001-2001 occupational safety & health management system, and established a complete and integrated quality, environment and occupational safety and health management system and effective operation mechanism. In addition, the company has been granted with 3A credit rating and Beijing Municipal Promise-keeping enterprise certificate. In consecutive 4 years, it has been awarded with such honors as “Civilized Enterprise” by central government and “Outstanding Fire-fighting Entity” by Beijing Municipal Fire-fighting Commission. Many of its design have won prize in competitions and the company is ranked top-20 in top-100 Chinese building decoration enterprises, and top-10 in top-100 green and eco-friendly Chinese building decoration design enterprises. It has won many titles such as Star-level National Building Decoration Enterprises, Top-100 Chinese Building Decoration Enterprises in consecutive terms, Quality-guaranteed & Promise-keeping Enterprises, AAA-credit Trustworthy Enterprises, Top-10 AAA Quality-Guaranteed Influential Chinese Decoration Enterprises, Top-50 Competitive Decoration Bidding Enterprises, Top-10 Influential Chinese Decoration Brands, 2010 Top-10 Influential Chinese Building Interior Design Entities, etc.

      China Decoration is a joint-stock company with its shares held by the nation, legal person, foreign investors and employees, with its headquarters comprised of 16 functional departments, and 1 non-legal-person design institute. Subordinate to it are 9 branches, 1 material procurement & supply center, 1 wooden furniture branch, 1 curtain wall/door/window branch, 1 Wenbo Culture branch, 1 fabrication base in Beijing and branches and project departments in other provinces.

      The company, under the leadership of the board of directors and CCP Committee of the company, upholding an enterprise concept of “honesty, practicality, exploration & dedication”, instructs its whole staff to compete and run business in compliance with laws and regulations, value contract spirit, keep promise, and implement quality, environment and occupational safety and health policies in all kinds of work and during the whole process of engineering.

      Over the years, the company keeps instructing its employees to fight against all kinds of commercial bribery, offering regulatory educations and trainings with regard to work safety, firefighting and credit, and also expertise orientations, so that its overall construction quality, environment and safety management has been constantly improved and its enterprise spirit publicized and accepted.

      Key Projects over the Years:

      Comprehensive office Buildings: Office Building of China Urban Planning and Design Institute, Branch Buillding of Bank of China, Headquarters and branches Buildings of China Construction Bank, Office Building of  Electronic Bank of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Xidan Office Building of China Railway Materials Commercial Corp, Beijing CNC Museum , Office Building of Scientific Development Center of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd, Beijing Metro No.10 Line Station, Ritan International Hotel, Huangpu Renewable Resources R&D Center, Comprehensive Office Building for Shandong Air,Liberation Army Daily Office Building,Jilin CNC Building, Office Building of Shandong Mobile Communication Center, Shanxi Taiyuan Lihuayuan Office Building, Henan Gongyi Power Communication Complex, No.2 Liangmahe Building, Wangjing Nova R&D Center, Taetea Group Culture Communication Center, Yitai Beijing Building, 1118 Project, Office Building for General Administration of Press and Publication, and Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Vancouver.

      Hotels & Apartments: Beijing Diaoyutai Hotel, Beijing Great Wall Hotel, Beijing Reward International Hotel, Beijing China Aluminum Crown Tower, Peace Hotel, Phase-1 Reconstruction of China Worker’s Hotel, Shenhua International Hotel in Baotou City, Phoenix Hotel in Shenyang, Yingkou Gangfeng Grand Hotel, Beijing Yulong Hotel, Beijng Tianlun Songhe Hotel, Yangzhou State Guesthouse, Henan Yellow River Hotel, Gran Melia, Shanxi Haohai Building, STXDaliangTech Communication Center, Apartments of Beijing Ministry of Finance for Commissioners in BeijingXinzheng Building, Youth Department of Chinese People's Liberation Army, Beijing Yintai Centre, Luxin Spring Garden, Lianyungang Yuntai Hotel Business Club, Tiandi Restaurant of Shanghai Bund, Chengdou Riverside Attic Residence Development Project, Dormitory Building of Xuzhou Beishan Eco-friendly Thermal Power Co., Ltd, No.23 Building of Shangdi Tech Park, Nanjing Tangshan Hot-Spring Water Paradise, Phase 1 & 2 of Beijing Jiaming Homeland, Huanghuagang International Seamen’s Club, Fuli City Edingburgh Apartments, Guantang Chinese-style Chamber, New Building of Third Navy Guest House, Hebei Yandu Hotel, Nanjing Yishang Hotspring Center, Jiangsu Four-season Hotel.

      Hospitals: Beijing Municipal People’s Hospital, Beijing Chaoyang West Hospital, Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, China Railway Hospital, Tumor Hospital, People’s Hospital in Beijing Daxing District,OPD Building of the Second Hospital of Shenyang Pharmaceutical University.

      University Buildings: Tsinghua University, National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Capital Normal University Library, University of Electronic Science And Technology of China in Chengdou, Qingdao University Stadium, Teaching Building for Training Center of State Food and Drug Administration, General Building of Training Center of China Huaneng Group.

      Commercial Buildings: the Company has finished such typical projects of fine quality as Parkson Metro Shopping Mall,Beijing Bairong International Shopping Center, Fullink Plaza, Beijing Chang’an Theatre, Beijing Haidian Books Town,Phase 1&2 Project of New Terminal Building of Daliang International Airport, Phase-1  Project of Beijing Terminal Logistics Bonded Center B, Suzhou Italian IMEAS spa Plant, PLA Primary Satellite GPS Station , Qingdao Beer Museum, Henan Yinxu Relics Museum,Heinan Television Studio, Henan Art Centre, Nanjing Tangshan Hot-spring Water Paradise, Landscape of the Great Canal of Hangzhou, Qingsha Old Town, Beijing City Club.

      The company takes an active part in various public activities, undertakes the social resposibities and donates to different classes in the society for many times, including Beihang Education Foundation, Beijing Red Cross, Beijing New Sunshine Charity Foundation and so on. Also the company claims and recognizes the Green Field, donates to the areas with earthquake, which is more than 30 million Yuan all together.

      The guideline for the company’s business is to deliver the most qualified and satisfactory services to customers of all trade at home and abroad on the basis of its elaborate design, rigorous construction, pollution control and prevention, refined engineering, human orientation, safety priority, compliance with laws and regulations and continuous improvement.


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