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      Social Contributions

      Accompany Children’s Growth, Lighten Kids’ Future

      Source:未知  Time:2018-05-24 16:12

      On May 11th , president Su Li from China Decoration Labor Union, manager Chen Si from Human Resources Department, Lu Chunbo from Science and Technology Department, He Yan from Audit Department, Zhao Zhuangjie and Yao Jianxun from the Union Office all together six people came to Beijing Angel Children’s Welfare Association with love to pass their warmth and companion to the children there. For children’s growth, physical needs are far more enough and psychological care is more needed, especially for those who can’t get love from their parents. 

      Companion was temporary but it was pretty precious for the children. China Decoration appealed to more workmates to take active parts in the group with love and care. We would visit them regularly and lighten up their future with our love.

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